General customer information on REACH

European chemicals regulation REACH is valid since January 1st ,2007 directly application in all EU Member States, it came into force on June 1st, 2007. With the three elements registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals a comprehensive management is created, with guaranteed Europe-wide high safety standards in regard to environmental and health risks when using chemicals. Registration and evaluation obligation is valid for manufacturers (or importers of chemicals from non-EU countries), that place more than one ton of a chemical per year into circulation. Especially worrying substances are additionally subject to an authorization obligation. Electromach, Member of the R.STAHL Technology Group, is a manufacturer of explosion-protected equipment. We sell solely non-chemical products (manufactures). Under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use these products will discharge no substances. All Electromach products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable regulations. They aren’t subject to any registration, evaluation and authorization obligation.

Consequences for Electromach

Due to the fact that we, Electromach, are only in a few cases the manufacturer of end products which fall under the scope of the Directive the major part of the obligation lies with our sub suppliers. That is the reason why we make this general statement in all our purchase documents.

For detailed information about this Directive please see the Website of the EU :