HIGHLIGHTS EXLUX 6000/6008 fluorescent lighting fixtures

  • EXLUX series 6000, fluorescent lighting
  • EXLUX series 6008, emergency lighting
  • Suitable for Zone 1 & 2, 21 & 22
  • Increased service life electronic ballast
  • Light calculation programme available
  • End-of-life 1+2
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Anti-blending
  • Excellent light distribution (Prism structure)

Reduced maintenance costs with EXLUX lighting fixtures

The low maintenance costs can be realised with:

The spacious and separate mounting of components on the print plate of the electronic ballast, reduces the heat dissipation. As a result the lifetime of the electronic ballast will increase considerably.


Electronic ballast EXLUX
EXLUX 6000 lighting fixture

The lifetime of such electronic ballast is at least 100.000 hours when used in Western-European climates. The manufacturers of the lighting bulbs (Aura & Philips) guarantee a 60.000 hour lifetime of their tubes in combination with the R.STAHL electronic ballast.

If used in conjunction with a light cell, it could result that the tubes need to be replaced first after 15 years of service (60.000 hours / 4.000 hours per year).

Prism structure

With the Prism structure design, the light is considerably evenly distributed and will also avoid blending an operator when staring into the light.

Excellent light distribution with the Prism structure

Random light fixture
R.STAHL light fixture

Anti blending due to Prism structure

EXLUX emercency lighting fixture

Drain/breather (type 8162)

All parts of the EXLUX lighting fixture are made of either polyester resin or stainless steel, thereby reducing periodical maintenance activities interval to a minimum.

When these units are installed in an outdoor environment, a drain/breather is recommended to prevent an over pressure within the fixture and to guarantee breathing of the unit (in order to prevent moisture sucked into the lighting fixture).

The protection class is IP 64 when the drain/breather is mounted on the side of the unit. When this is installed at the bottom of the unit, the protection class increases to IP 66.

The light fixture is made of a high quality polyester resin which results in a good stiffness of the material. Using the standard available mounting sets the lighting fixture will not twist in the wind, and moisture is also prevented from entering.


Various mounting options for EXLUX series:

Pole Mount
Wall mount 90 Degr.
Ceiling mount
Wall mount 50 Degr.
Ceiling mount
Pole mounting sleeve

EOL (End Of Life)

Of course are all the EXLUx series (EXLUX 6000 and EXLUX 6008 emercency lighting) standard foreseen with End of Life (EOL 1+2) protection. In other words, old tubes which could no longer ignite are automatically disconnected and shut off.

Download the prospect 'Exlux 6000' for more information.


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