Grand Opening Celebration of September 11, 2009

ELECTROMACH celebrated the grand opening of her new production facility on September 11th.  An occasion witnessed by a large number of national and international guests.

In order to make this event informative and interesting we organized three seminars for our guests during this day:


  • ‘Introduction to IECEx’ by Theo Pijpker (KEMA)
  • ‘Electrical installations in hazardous areas’ by Wout Moelard (ELECTROMACH)
  • ‘Innovation and Innovative processes for harzardous location’ by Peter Völker (R.STAHL)

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HIGHLIGHTS EXLUX 6000/6008 Light

  • EXLUX series 6000, fluorescent lighting
  • EXLUX series 6008, emergency lighting
  • Suitable for Zone 1 & 2, 21 & 22
  • Increased service life electronic ballast
  • Light calculation programme available
  • End-of-life 1+2
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Anti-blending
  • Excellent light distribution (Prism structure)

Reduced maintenance costs with EXLUX lighting fixtures

The low maintenance costs can be realised with:

The spacious and separate mounting of components on the print plate of the electronic ballast, reduces the heat dissipation. As a result the lifetime of the electronic ballast will increase considerably.

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NEW: Intergrated diagnostic in Fieldbus Power Supply module

The new ISbus Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply of R.STAHL features individual integrated diagnostic for the “physical layer” parameters and is unique in its execution. Expensive additional diagnostic modules as backplanes and gateways are not necessary anymore. Effective monitoring of the Fieldbus H1 segment will be much easier and more economical attractive for the budget.

The Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply continuously reads the physical parameters (physical layer) of the fieldbus, such as voltage and current on the trunk, communication level, noise level, asymmetries and jitter.

If these parameters deteriorate by a value that can be freely adjusted on the device, the system will signal a warning via a yellow LED and simultaneously transfer the warning message to the control system via a potential-free relay contact. Situations which completely exceed or fall below the fieldbus specification are signalled via a red LED and the relay contact.

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Exhibition ELEKTROTECHNIEK was a great succes!

The 2009 edition of the exhibition ELEKTROTECHNIEK was a great success for ELECTROMACH.  The 150m² booth attracted many visitors. We would like to thank you for visiting our booth.

All documentation requests have been processed. Haven’t you received the requested documentation? Please do not hesitate and contact us by sending an e-mail to

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Now available: Explosionproof sightglass light fitting with 230V Halogen bulb or LED

Extremely interesting for machine builders and end users in the Pharmacy: the new explosionproof (Ex d/ Ex de) sightglass light fitting of Max Müller.

The Swiss manufacturer, Max Müller, a world player in the market of sight glasses and sightglass light fittings, has introduced a new series of sightglass light fittings. Instead of the 12V and 24V versions a new 230V series with Halogen bulb is now available. This new series, called HEL/FHEL, is economically priced, since a built-in transformer is no longer necessary. Besides the Halogen bulb, a LED version is also available.

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New brochures

In the brochure ‘Highlights 2009’ all new STAHL products of 2009 are listed.

Are you searching for sounders, flashing lights or horns? We can supply you the complete package. All the E2S and Pfannenbeg products are in our scope of supply.

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