Introducing the NEW Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor

Saves you time and money!

Lights – ON when you need them

Ex-Mo helps save on unnecessary power consumption from lighting and other switching devices. Ex-Mo can be used to control site lighting so that lighting is only switched on when people are present and off when not. Therefore saving electricity by reducing your energy bills and reducing your Carbon Footprint. Minimize your company CO2 footprint with reductions in energy consumption.
Delivering a tangible benefit to both yourself and the environment.

How does Ex-Mo work?

Ex-Mo in operation senses any movement at a fuel loading depot
As an empty truck arrives, Ex-Mo instantly detects movement and activates lighting and security cameras.
While the driver completes fuel transfer, lights and security cameras will continue to operate.
When the driver exits, Ex-Mo sensor range lights and security cameras are deactivated.

Ex-Mo in hazardous areas

  • For use in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • IP66
  • Uses Doppler principal
  • Multiple sensor/multiple light configurations are possible
  • Ambient light level sensor
  • Ajustable switch on time
  • With certified remote control programmer 

Ex-Mo in combination with:

Ex-cameras (PTZ, compact, zoom)
Junction boxes

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Ex-Mo Catalogue

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Ex-Mo Datasheet

318 K

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