CityRunners have established their goal

Wim Guleij (Workshop), Wilko Lok (Sales), Robin Koning ter Heege (Student), Albert Geerdinck (Customer Service), Johnny Stübener (Engineering), Sandra Wassink (Marketing / Sales), Ritchie Brokers (Workshop), Robert André de la Porte (Sales Director), Dave Keizer (Purchasing).

On April 22, it was the 65th anniversary of the Enschede Marathon. A group of Electromach employees had prepared themselves for running a 10k, the CityRUN 10k. Not for everyone the preparation went smoothly, so unfortunately some of the group could not start the 10k. Eventually 9 runners appeared at the start line under the leadership of Sales Director Robert André de la Porte. After a windy and cold start, everyone successfully made it to the finish line.

We hope to see you all next year!