Introducing LED hand lamp for hazardous areas with long life battery

To date, a hand lamp with LED technology is no longer seen as an exceptional product. Besides the LED technology however, this hand lamp has many outstanding features:

A light weight LED hand lamp, with an extreme bright beam and an exceptional long battery life. This is top of the market!

Due to the ergonomic shape and light weight (<1.6 kg), the lamp can be operated with one hand. Combined with the fact that the hand lamp now meets the standards and requirements for the fire department (DIN 14642), it makes this hand lamp ideal for fire fighters.

The hand lamp has a very bright beam which can be seen in thick fog, mist, in dusty environments, and in rooms filled with smoke.


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Multi-certified control panel for resolver motor used for process vessel

From our STAHL office in Houston, Electromach received a very unusual but interesting request from a major American supplier of processing equipment for refineries. Electromach had to design a control panel for a resolver motor, suitable for use in a hazardous area (a brushless transmitter resolver which looks like a small electrical motor). The control panel had to be mounted on a huge process vessel on site. The design had to meet some very strict demands:

  • total weight <100kg
  • a solid construction to guarantee a smooth axel transmission
  • easy connection of the control panel in the field
  • multi-certification for worldwide applications

As the hazardous area is a zone 1 environment and the resolver motor itself is an industrial motor, it is necessary to build the resolver motor into an ‘Exd’ flameproof solution.


Static electricity and transport of hazardous substances

Static electricity occurs in almost any business. It is caused by poor adhesion of electrically conductive materials. The electrostatic charge (ESC = Electrostatic Charging) of persons and objects are difficult to recognize, however the discharge can be spectacular (ESD = Electro Static Discharge). We all know the unpleasant shocks that can be felt when getting out a car or touching a door handle. Most discharges are harmless to people and products. However, electrostatic discharge can also cause fire, explosion or disruption and / or damage to electronic equipment.

An electrostatic discharge has sufficient energy to ignite or explode a flammable liquid or gas. The required ignition energy to realize a fire or explosion, depends on the type of substance, concentration, temperature and humidity.

In industrial processes, attention should be paid to the transport of hazardous substances. For example liquids with a flashpoint below 55 °C, powders, grains, flour or granules for the production of plastic. Before loading or unloading, the ground cable should always be connected between the supplying and the receiving tank to eliminate the potential difference.

TAS, Tank Automation System:

For safe refuelling, the usage of an earth terminal is not always sufficient. A secure solution continuously monitors the quality of the earth connection. This can be achieved by a ground monitoring control unit.


Now available: IECEx app!

The IECEx organisation has launched an app. Using this app on your mobile device, the availability of IECEx certificates for apparatus in hazardous areas can be checked easily.

The app gives you access to the IECEx certification system in which thousands of IECEx certificates are saved. The app also has an offline availability, so it can be consulted in remote areas where no internet connection is available:


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