Remote HMI: the modern explosion proof monitor

Explosion proof Remote HMI

For more than 15 years, STAHL supplies the intrinsic safe ET 515/518 Remote Monitor based on the analog KVM extender technique. As of this moment the next generation Remote HMI is available, fully based on digital technique.

The Remote HMI can monitor your visualization trough Ethernet TCP/IP without any quality loss. With the KVM box, the Remote HMI can be connected tot every current monitor system and is 1:1 compatible with the analogue ET 515/518 version.

The new Remote HMI concept offers much more than a better digital transmission of your visualization alone. In case of a Thin Client, the KVM switch is not mandatory. The integrated VNC or Remote Desktop is a possibility.

Configuration of the Remote HMI is not necessary due to the ‘auto re-connect’ function. After connecting the Remote HMI, the apparatus will be operational within a few minutes. As it is not necessary to install a driver, the integrity of your Host or PC system will be maintained.



    • No limitations concerning the distance between Host System/ PC and Remote monitor
    • Only one connection cable for all scanner or key board transmissions
    • Controlling multiple Host systems on one single monitor, or one Host system on multiple monitors.
    • Multi screen display
    • Suitable for modern PC or Host based on USB/DVI
    • No configuration by Auto connect or integrated Thin Client
    • Standard touch screen and touch keyboard
    • No installation of driver on Host or PC system
    • Modular & service friendly

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