A new location. A new house style. But unaltered strength and permanent high quality and service. As of April 14th, ELECTROMACH B.V. is located at the 'Westermaat Campus' directly to the A1 in Hengelo.


Remote HMI: The modern explosion proof monitor

For more than 15 years, STAHL supplies the intrinsic safe ET 515/518 Remote Monitor based on the analog KVM extender technique. As of this moment the next generation Remote HMI is available, fully based on digital technique.

We have an interesting scrapping bonus for you!


New SpectraAlarm AB121

The SpectrAlarm family from E2S has been designed to offer high performance audible and visual signalling in a single unit. Sound outputs of up to 126dB can now be combined with a powerful beacon with a choice of rotating mirror, flashing Xenon or LED technologies.


Fieldbus FF H1 Power Supply

R. STAHL has expanded the ISbus range, adding a new modular Fieldbus Power Supply. This power supply provides up to 28 V and 500 mA for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 segments, and also allows for redundant supply.

In "Boost" mode, a parallel connection of two Power Supplies enables users to continuously supply the bus with up to 1000 mA, thus providing sufficient power reserves even for special fieldbus applications. An integrated Basic Diagnosis function monitors each segment for line faults.



Agenda 2009

ATEx Congress, September 22

Exhibition Elektrotechniek 2009, September 28 - October 2