ELECTROMACH convention 2012

  • 12 September, Assen

  • 18 September, Vlaardingen

  • 20 September, Hoofddorp

  • 4 October, Antwerpen

Are you joining us?

All subscribers of this newsletter are invited for the Electromach convention

Electromach will organize a special convention for her regular customers at the end of the summer. The topics which will be discussed, are related to the world of explosion protection.

*** Please note, the seminars will be held in the Dutch language ****

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8146 series Junction Boxes

Explosion protected Exe junction boxes, at stock!

Electromach can supply, direct from their extensive inventory, explosion protected Exe junction boxes.

The junction boxes are foreseen with the maximum amount of terminals and punched entries.

Place your order and specify how many cable glands / stopping plugs you will need, and they will be package separately. The cable glands/stopping plugs can be mounted easily at site.

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Ex-News: Recent developments regarding 31/953/NP

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety.

In this issue we publish the 31/953/NP, the future IEC 60079-32-2.

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ONS Stavanger (Norway)

Container system Ex-p

- An optimized solution in Oil- & Gas plants

The current situation in the Oil- & Gas-industry:
It is common knowledge, our world is still growing in population. Latest insights show a world population increasing from 6.5 billion to more than 9 billion in 2050. This results in a similar development towards our world energy hunger. Of course energy saving techniques will have some effect, but the energy requirements are expected to grow from the approximately 550 EJ of today to more than 700 EJ in 2030.

Globally, European-wide, and country-specific scenarios show 10% to 25% shares of primary energy coming from renewable sources by 2030. Taditional sources such as coal, oil and gas will remain quite stable. Especially for natural gas there will be even more growth.

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Ex-magazine 2012

Once a year STAHL publishes the Ex-magazine. A valuable magazine for anyone dealing with explosion protection. In the various articles problems and solutions are discussed concerning issues which you may encounter in practice. Attention is also given to the development and interpretation of the Ex-standards.

Order a FREE copy now!

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Offshore Energy, 2012 (RAI Amsterdam)

Electromach employees inspired by European championship 2012

Electromach encourages sportive activities for the employees. After the running event in April, it was now time for the soccer fans.

What began as a spontaneous idea of some Electromach soccer fans, resulted in a real tournament for Hengelo companies. The first 'Westermaat soccer tournament' was a fact.

32 Teams from 24 different companies entered the tournament. It was a big success! The organisation expressed the intention to make it an annual event.

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Job vacancies

Electromach has several job vacancies at the moment:

Location Hengelo, Netherlands

Location Dendermonde, Belgiƫ

Open applications can be send to  

'Hands on Fieldbus'

Also this year Fieldbus Benelux will organise a special 'Hands on Fieldbus' day.

There are workshops 'Foundation Fieldbus in practice' and presentations regarding the subject 'Decrease your maintenance costs with Foundation Fieldbus'.  

Date: 25 October 2012
Location: Kenniscentrum STC in Brielle
Language: Dutch

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