Ventilated ATEX container for process analyser (gas chromatograph)

For a customer in the Far East, ELECTROMACH has developed an explosion protected container for a process analyser for usage on an oil refinery.

Gas chromatograph

The gas chromatograph will measure the amount of hydrogen. This should be done at the refinery and as close to the process gas pipe as possible. For the most accurate result, the hydrogen measurement must be completed in a limited time frame. The length of the heated sample-pipe has a major influence on the amount of total time necessary for this measurement.

The Ex-container

The gas chromatograph will be installed in an explosion protected container. The container has been designed as a fully welded construction and has been insulated and specially coated to meet the extreme site conditions.

To guarantee the functioning of the analyser, the temperature inside the container will be kept on a average of approx. 25°C, while the temperature outside the container can vary between -5°C and +60°C.


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Ex-news: Overview standards of the 61241 & 80079 series

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety. In this issue we publish the EN-61241 and EN-80079.

Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust

Actual overview standard: 61241

Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

Actual overview standard: 80079

We cannot accept any claims relating to these documents. If errors are detected, please notify us.

In the previous edition of this newsletter the 60079 standard was discussed. We’ve updated the list with the actual status.

Actual overview 60079
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospherenotify us.

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Highlights, explosion protected Exe enclosures in stainless steel

The 8150 series explosion protected Exe stainless steel enclosures can be used as junction box/terminal box or control box. All STAHL components and accessories, e.g. cable glands and stopping plugs, can be used in this enclosure.


  • Zone 1 and 2, Zone 21 and 22
  • Protection class IP66
  • Suitable for ambient temperature of -60°C…+85°C
  • Material: Stainless steel with brush finish (304/316L)

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Upcoming event: Elektrotechniek 2011

The summer has just started, but we’re already planning our next event in the fall!

Starting 3 October up till 7 October the Elektrotechniek will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Electromach will also participate this year. On our 150m² stand, we’ll show you all our new products. One of the highlights will be our ATEX certified HVAC system, which we’ve developed together with the Amerian Air Conditioner specialist, Specific Systems.

Free access is guaranteed if you sign up for a badge now!

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New upgraded Appello high output voice signalling sounders

E2S has introduced new versions of its all-digital Appello combined voice signalling and tone sounders that allow four different 30 second long voice, music or sound messages to be recorded and replayed at CD quality, improving clarity and intelligibility.

The Appello can be configured to replay just the recorded messages or the content can be alternated with one of the 45 alarm tones embedded in the unit. The four alarm stages are remotely selectable and the message playback and the alarm tones have independent volume controls, enabling the outputs to be fine-tuned to the installed location.


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Seminar FF Benelux Fieldbus Live

On May 19, the first Benelux seminar was held at the ‘Acta’ premises in Kalmthout (Belgium), on which Electromach was also present. More information about the subjects and speakers can be found on the website of Fieldbus Foundation.

The next Fieldbus seminar has been planned on November 10.

Our upcoming events

Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, UK
06 Sept '11 - 08 Sept '11 

Fieldbus seminar, Brielle, NL
10 Nov '11

Elektrotechniek 2011, Jaarbeurs Utrecht.
03 Oct '11 - 07 Oct '11

Elektro Vakbeurs, Evenementenhal Hardenberg, NL
06 Dec '11 - 08 Dec '11

Offshore Energy 2011, RAI Amsterdam
11 Oct '11 - 12  Oct '11




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