Electromach supplies analyzer houses to Petrom refinery in Romania

Last December Electromach supplied 4 analyzer houses for the Petrom Petrobrazi refinery in Romania. The order had been obtained through the Romanian subsidiary of Stahl.

Analyzer House with HVAC & pressurization unit

The order contained 4 fully equipped containers suitable for analysis equipment, including the new ATEX certified HVAC & pressurization unit.

The demands for the containers were very strict regarding fire protection and insulation. Therefore, the container construction has been fully welded, with thick fire-resistant panels and painted with several protective coatings.

The containers will be installed in a hazardous area and therefore comply with the ATEX Zone 1, IIB + H2 T4 classification.

HVAC & pressurization unit

The containers designed for use as analyzer houses, have been equipped with a HVAC- & pressurization unit; a HVAC system using purge and pressurization for cooling, flushing and pressurization of the container.

The Air Stacks will provide the air, coming from outside the hazardous area. According to customer specification the HVAC units have been equipped with a double ventilation.

In consultation with the customer, a special system has been installed to make sure that the container will be rinsed first, to dilute and dissipate any hazardous gases.

After that, the local operating system will enable the other systems. The pressurization function will ensure sufficient ventilation and pressurization to prevent the occurrence of dangerous gases.

Besides the HVAC & pressurization unit, all 4 containers are equipped with the necessary distribution panels and control devices, such as Exd and Exe enclosures for the power of all installed systems and the equipment installed by the customer, such as analyzers and test equipment.

In addition, the containers have been provided with several fire and gas detection sensors. The control panels, sensors, cable trays and HVAC are efficiently positioned, in order to achieve as much room as possible, for the customer to install his equipment.

Both on the inside and the outside of the container, a modular frame has been mounted to install analyzers, measuring equipment and other equipment. Of course, it is taken into account that we have to deal with transit of process piping and wiring of any available thickness in the container wall. In this way, a large degree of flexibility has been created for the customer to place one’s own equipment.


Given the large size of the containers, it was necessary to transport the containers with exceptional transport to Romania. To prevent damage during transport, all exterior lighting was disabled.

At the Petrobrazi Refinery the containers were equipped with special roofs for protection against extreme weather conditions and Air Stacks for the HVAC, which were separately transported.

De Petrom refinery, Romania

With two refineries, Arpechim and Petrobrazi, and a capacity of 8 million tons per year, Petrom is the largest refinery in Romania. The two refineries are connected to an extensive pipeline infrastructure that transports crude oil from the Petrom fields and imports crude oil from the Oil Terminal Constanta in the Black Sea.

Both Petrom refineries are continuously maintained to meet the growing demand for oil products to ensure continued compliance. In this way, Petrom increases the efficiency, manufacturing, and quality of the oil. As of 2009 the products of the two refineries meet the EU environmental- and quality requirements by implementing extensive modernization processes.

Tip: These products can be used in the container:

8570: Socket + Plug
8264: CUBEx Exd enclosure
6118: Emergency lighting
6000: Lighting


HVAC & Pressurization

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