Jan Wijnen

Jan Wijnen will officially transfer his executive management activities to the new directors of ELECTROMACH

On April 1, 2010, Jan Wijnen will officially transfer his executive management activities to the new directors of Electromach bv: Peter Boers and Robert André de la Porte.

Jan Wijnen started his management career in 1983 as the Deputy Sales Director, and became the General Director of Electromach in 1993. After more than 42 consecutive years of service, Jan Wijnen will depart to enjoy his well deserved retirement. Jan Wijnen would like to introduce to you, the two new directors who will take over his activities.  


Containerized switch board

ELECTROMACH provided heaters for project NUON CO2 catch-up Buggenum

Global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect, is a worldwide problem that has significant consequences for life on earth. The emission of CO2 is the principle cause of the greenhouse effect. That’s why it is so important to reduce CO2 emissions. Capturing CO2 offers a good solution for this. Nuon has started a pilot program to capture CO2 at the gasification power plant in Limburg.

Fewer CO2 emissions through capturing CO2

In the years ahead the demand for energy will increase worldwide. Regardless of the alternative energy sources in 2020 we will still be 80% dependent on oil, gas and coal. So we have to find cleaner alternatives: capturing CO2 is one such alternative.

Capturing CO2 pilot program in Buggenum

At the Willem-Alexander power plant in Buggenum, Nuon is starting a pilot program of capturing CO2. Capturing CO2 has been used for over 50 years in the petrochemical industry. Nuon’s aim is to optimize this process and to make capturing CO2 suitable for the energy sector.
The Willem-Alexander power plant already uses the gasification technology. This makes it the ideal location to test capturing CO2 pre-combustion.
With this pilot program, Nuon gains knowledge to reduce the emission of CO2 significantly. This knowledge can then be used at the new Nuon Magnum power plant at Eemshaven in the province of Groningen. The test in Buggenum will probably take as long as two years and the investments will be about 40 million Euros.


Explosion proof compact cameras, monitoring station and recording system

CCTV package solution for hazardous areas on offshore platforms

R. STAHL has compiled a scaleable package of cameras and recording system for camera surveillance in hazardous areas on gas and oil rigs.

In addition to making operations safer, it enables users to carry out a thorough study of causes and fix any problems in the case of incidents. The system supports both live monitoring at HMI stations as well as complete documentation of events: The standard package includes four cameras whose video signals can be recorded manipulation-proof for up to ten days.

This network-compliant solution which also permits authorized remote access to images via the internet can, if necessary, be easily expanded to include twice or four times as many cameras. The recording capacity, which as a standard is covered by a 500 GB hard disk, can be easily expanded to meet a specific application's requirements.  Resolutions of up to 4 CIF as well as a full PAL format with 704 x 576 pixels can be selected for the H.264 compressed digital video files. A PTZ control module is available for the remote control of the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the cameras.


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Remote HMI: the modern explosion proof monitor

Remote HMI: the modern explosion proof monitor

In 2009 STAHL introduced the next generation Remote HMI, a Remote Monitor fully based on digital technique.

The Remote HMI can monitor your visualization trough Ethernet TCP/IP without any quality loss. With the KVM box, the Remote HMI can be connected tot every current monitor system and is 1:1 compatible with the analogue ET 515/518 version.

The new Remote HMI concept offers much more than a better digital transmission of your visualization alone. In case of a Thin Client, the KVM switch is not mandatory. The integrated VNC or Remote Desktop is a possibility.
Would you like more information about this solution? We would gladly give you a demonstration!


Do you need an upgrade for your installation? We have an interesting scrapping bonus for you!


Standards Explosive Atmospheres

New Dutch publications are now available from the directive NEN-EN-IEC 60079 ‘Explosieve atmosferen’ part 0, 10-1, 10-2 and 14. With these translations all standards in this range are up to date again.

The most important alteration is the integration of explosive gas atmospheres (NEN-EN-IEC 60079) and explosive dust atmospheres (NEN-EN-IEC 61241).


BExH - Hootronic

Explosion proof electronic replacement for inefficient electro-mechanical sounders

The HOOTRONIC sounder electronically creates traditional warning sounds such as a bell, siren, hooter or buzzer.

While widely used for more than 100 years, the reliability, performance, maintenance and running costs of electro-mechanical devices has always been a concern. Using the latest in SMD class D amplifier technology and digital to analogue conversion, the Hootronic faithfully replicates, user-selectable from one product, all these sounds with the reliability, performance and functionality of a modern electronic sounder.

Three stages are provided, enabling a further two remotely selectable sounds to be configured for each primary sound if required. Sample audio clips of each sound can be played from the E2S web site,

With output levels of up to 117.5dB at 1 metre, the Hootronic surpasses the performance and effectiveness of the outdated electro-mechanical device it replaces. A volume control enables the output to be matched to the operating environment. It is continuously rated, operates from 24VDC, 115 or 230VAC, the inrush start-up and operating current consumption is low, it requires no maintenance and is sealed to IP66/67. A very large termination area aids installation and gives room for multiple cables if required.


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