Containerized control unit for Rig Assist Snubbing Unit

Electromach BV in Hengelo is specialised in containerized solutions for hazardous areas. Also called TVC’s or "Transportable Ventilate Containers".

For the company Balance Point Control (BPC) in Emmen Electromach developed a containerized control unit for a (new built) rig assist snubbing unit.

Balance Point Control, part of the Superior Energy Services Inc., is provider of the Maintenance and Decommissioning Services in the E+P sector and Storage and Processing. They are specialised in Hydraulic Workover and snubbing services, which are mainly used in the European on- and offshore market.

The containerized solution for BPC is developed for a Zone 2 hazardous area and classified as Ex II 3G Ex de pz [ia] IIB T3. The container is transportable and can be used on multiple platforms. For this project it will be used on an offshore rig and has been built according to the Norsok standard Z-015.

The complete control system, developed by BPC, for the snubbing unit, is integrated in the container as well as the operating and monitoring HMIs. The container has been executed with an explosion protected HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit and an explosion protected battery system.

A complete flameproof fire and gas system is incorporated and naturally the power distribution system. Above the door, flashing lights will warn the platform employees if a malfunction of the system occurs. Also all used junction boxes (8146, 8150 series), (emergency) lighting (6000, 6008 series) and signalling equipment (6161 series) are from the R.STAHL product range.

The container will be pressurized to maintain explosion protection. A safe non-hazardous internal atmosphere with overpressure will be ensured by means of ventilation. Due to a 15 meter long fresh air-intake stack, which has been mounted on the side of the container, fresh air will be drawn out of the safe area for ventilation.


The HVAC used in the container is a HVAC with an integrated purge and pressurization unit, which has been placed within the container. Usually the HVAC will be placed on the top side of the container. However in this case, it was necessary to build as compact as possible, and more important the Norsok Standard (Z-015) was applicable, which does not allow any protruding parts.

More information about HVAC's

Battery Box

The container was equipped with a Battery Box from Electromach, as a back-up for the BPC installation. The installation from BPC has been based on a 24VDC circuit. In case of a power loss, the Battery Box will maintain the power for about half an hour, so the operator can make sure that a controlled shut-down can be performed.

More information about Battery Boxes

Camera system

On the platform rig multiple explosion protected cameras from R.STAHL have been installed for monitoring the safety of the situation. The container has been executed with a complete operating and monitoring system. In the container 6 big screens will display the operating process and a real-live image can be monitored using 4 Dome Camera’s (EC-750) and 1 Compact Camera (EC-710). All camera’s are implemented and configured by Electromach.

Other products used in the Containerized Solution:

Compact emergency lighting (6108)
Flashlight (6161)
Junction box, SS (8150)
Compact camera (EC-710)


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