Containerized control unit for Rig Assist Snubbing Unit

Electromach BV in Hengelo is specialised in containerized solutions for hazardous areas. Also called TVC’s or "Transportable Ventilate Containers".

For the company Balance Point Control (BPC) in Emmen Electromach developed a containerized control unit for a (new built) rig assist for a snubbing unit.

The containerized solution for BPC is developed for a Zone 2 hazardous area and classified as Ex II 3G Ex de pz [ia] IIB T3. The container is transportable and can be used on multiple platforms. For this project it will be used on an offshore rig and has been built according to the Norsok standard Z-015.


New Ex-poster

The new Ex-poster is available now!

This poster is a handy tool to find your way in ‘the world of explosion protection’. It will help you to read and understand the Ex-classifications. All basic principles of explosion protection are explained on the poster.

5-7 March: Elektro Vakbeurs Venray (NL)

From 5-7 March Electromach will participate to the Elektro Vakbeurs show in Venray, booth 245.

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LED Sightglass light fittings for hazardous areas, Zone 1 and 21

The sightglass light fittings have been redesigned and foreseen with LED lighting. The advantage of LED displays compared to conventional lighting, are also applicable for hazardous areas. The high light output, the extreme long life span (20,000-40,000 hours), the low power consumption allowing continuous operation and especially the low maintenance costs are the well known advantages of the LED. Of course, this is also important for sightglass light fittings.


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Ex-news: Actual Ex Standards En 60079

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety. In this issue an update will be published of the EN 60079

Actual Ex standards EN 60079 (update February 5th 2013)

The most important standards relating to explosion safety are published on our website Explosion Protection / Actual Ex standards.

Simple and effective mounting frame system of R.STAHL

During installation straight mounting surfaces are not always available. Often only tubular structures and concrete mesh is present, which makes it difficult to mount the Exe enclosures directly.

For these applications R.STAHL has a simple mounting frame system in its product range. The stainless steel mounting plates can be directly mounted on a concrete mesh with a 30mm grid with special clamps (1 1/4", 1 1/2"of 2").

In case there are no walls or other mounting options, special consoles are available for floor mounting. The special consoles can be placed near the installation which is a huge advantage.

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Question of the month

Who is responsible for the zone identification?

A) The owner of the plant

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C) The Government / Labour inspection

D) A Notified Body

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A Spinning Clinic for employees…

Besides the many football fans and runners, it appeared that Electromach has a large group of cyclists. A new idea was born...a spinning clinic for all employees. A good opportunity to test the overall fitness condition and for the road racers a good test for the upcoming road season.