6050/5: Zone 1 LED pendant light fitting

Equipped with a 28 LED array, R. STAHL's 6050 series pendant light fittings are suitable for use in Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

At a light current of 5,700 lm, the LED units reach a luminous intensity of 10,000 cd at a ±60° angle in front of the lamp. With various reflectors, 20,000 cd at a ±30° angle or 30,000 cd at ±15° are also possible. Requiring merely 75 W (65 W for the LED), the lights are considerably more energy-efficient than functionally similar products with conventional lamps.

Users also greatly benefit from the LED's extremely long service life: the lights need not be replaced for many years even with intensive operation and frequent switching cycles.

At a maximum ambient temperature of +55 °C, the lights are specified for 35,000 hours of operation. At 40 °C to +40 °C, or with an optional control module that dims the light at higher temperatures, 50,000 hours of operation are possible.

With the temperature controller, the temperature class of the lights increases from T4 to T6. The pendant light fittings are certified for hazardous areas with atmospheres containing group IIC gases.

Immediately after switching on, the lamps provide their full, flicker-free luminous intensity. Emitting cold white, low-glare light, they ensure high colour fidelity (CRI > 80). Featuring a very robust design, the units are shock-proof and vibration-proof.

They come with all relevant explosion protection certifications for the global market (IECEx, ATEX, etc.) and are thoroughly shielded against water ingress thanks to protection class IP68. Available accessories include mounting brackets for ceiling or wall installation.

Optionally, the lights can be painted according to customer preferences.

Qualify for the Energy Investment Allowance!

Invest now advantageous in energy efficient technologies and sustainable energy. This 6050 LED pendant light fitting consists of downlighters with luminous flux of at least 55lm/W. Thats why this pendant light fitting qualifies for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). With the EIA, you can deduct as much as 41.5% of the investment costs from the taxable profit, in addition to the usual debits.

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Highlights 6050 series:

  • Flameproof 'Exd' light fitting for usage in extreme environments
  • Max. 75W (65W LED)
  • 28 LED arrays
  • Ambient temperature -40°C…+55°C
  • ATEX and IECEx certified

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