Increase productivity with Remote I/O!

The improved remote I/O IS1+ will lead to higher availability of your business process and cost reduction since configuration. Maintenance and integration will become much easier.

For many years now, IS1 has been the system that is most often installed in explosive atmospheres all over the world. It is continuously improved and expanded by new functions, such as PROFIBUS redundancy, DTM support, integration of optical rings or modules with integrated solenoid valves.

With IS1 Ethernet, the first step towards the future was taken in 2009. The first Zone 1 Remote I/O with communication based on the Industrial Ethernet standards MODBUS TCP and Ethernet IP. Fieldbus Foundation™ as well as PROFIBUS International are currently working on specifications and solutions for the application of their Ethernet protocols FF HSE and PROFINET in connection with Remote I/O.

In both working groups, R. STAHL is actively taking part with prototypes to jointly design the "Future Remote I/O".

Besides the support of modern protocols, a long-lived and flexible I/O level is also required. Based on experience with thousands of globally installed IS1 systems, R. STAHL now presents the most up to date I/O modules with IS1+. The future ‘proof system solution’ for complex requirements in hazardous areas of today and tomorrow:

    • Cost reduction
    • Multifunctional modules
    • Extended lifetime
    • Applicable in extreme temperature range
    • Reduce commissioning and maintenance periods
      • Enhanced diagnostics and status information, inspired by NAMUR 107
      • Easy commissioning and troubleshooting with channel status LEDs

    • 100% compatibility with the previous modules
    • Supports integrationwith the use of international accepted standards.

Supports PROFINET next to serial, MODBUS TCP, Ethernet IP and FF HSE, easy replacement and upgrading of existing installations, from -40 to +75°C with the new low-power technology. This allows for a mixture of analogue inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs and resistance thermometers/thermocouples with optimized modules for Zone 1 and 2.

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IS1+ Remote I/O

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