Collaboration Multimetaal Den Helder and Electromach

Explosion-proof material is 24/7-365 on its way to the platforms.  

As a leader in the explosion-proof electro technical equipment and systems, Electromach has gained significant experience in Aberdeen in the 24/7-365 accessibility of the offshore. Due to the good experience with this a similar logistic performance will be delivered from Den Helder. This collaboration means a big advantage for the customer regarding to the faster delivery of the materials.

Electromach itself does not handle the 24 hour distribution of the materials to the oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. Therefore, this task has been filed to the 24/7-365 days a year opened Service Provider of maintenance contractor Multimetaal in Den Helder.

Commercial Director Arthur Hulsebos explained that Multimetaal “is a market leader for inspection, repair, maintenance and modification work on complex installations for the offshore sector and other clients”. The company has more than demonstrated its added value as a powerfully service-oriented player. The organisation and staff at Multimetaal are specialists in relieving their clients of their concerns, by delivering a very complete range of mechanical, maintenance and installation services, with a reputation on the market based on safety, quality and efficiency. To ensure that every aspect is implemented as efficiently as possible, Multimetaal prefers to deliver the full process, from  project management  via  purchasing, manufacture, offshore installation  and logistics  right  through  to  maintenance engineering,  preventive  and  corrective maintenance,  testing,  certification  and  the turnkey handover of the product or project; and everything, of course, according to the customer’s wishes.

“Many staff at Multimetaal are already used to work on the  platforms where our equipment is needed, and as a consequence, the logistic administration at Multimetaal is perfectly equipped to make these deliveries quickly and precisely.

Regional Sales Manager for Electromach-Stahl, Wilko Lok, added that the more than 43  years  experience  acquired  by  Multimetaal in the offshore industry  represents  an added bonus. “They know all the platforms and how to reach them. They also have contacts with the logistic specialists and are conversant with all the  regulations – in particular those relating to explosion protection – making them our ideal partner in the logistic process.” Without a single reservation, Lok also praised the reliability of the Den Helder-based business when it comes to sticking to agreements.

On 10 June, Hulsebos and Beumer, in  the presence of Lok, signed a cooperation agreement. Before the signing ceremony, the Hengelo-based manufacturer had  supplied its stock of explosion-protected material to the Multimetaal warehouse. “We can deliver on demand within two and a maximum of 24 hours,” explained Hulsebos. “The aim of both organisations is to limit possible down-time, so the customer can concentrate on its core activities.” “That is what it’s all about!”, concluded Beumer.