Motor control unit for Hydraulic Power Unit

In reference to the container solution that Electromach has designed for the company Balance Point Control (BPC): Electromach received the order to build a motor control unit for an Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) in cooperation with the company Hycos (Hydraulics and Control Systems).

Hycos is specialised in designing and constructing turnkey hydraulic drive systems for the Marine and Offshore Industry, including the hardware and software for the associated control system.

In consultation with the end user, BPC, it has been decided to outsource the construction of the complete motor control unit to Electromach.

The Hydraulic Power Unit has been fully designed and equipped by the company Hycos. The HPU will be used for a new rig assist ‘snubbing unit’, a project from the company BPC, for which Electromach has already designed a container solution for earlier this year. For the End customer this was also the reason why they asked Electromach to cooperate with Hycos in this project.

(Please see the article: Containerized control unit for Rig Assist Snubbing Unit in our February issue of our newsletter)

HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit)

The HPU is a complete hydraulic system, which drives all components together to activate the snubbing unit. The HPU consists of 4 electric motors, which drives 4 hydraulic pumps. Each one is foreseen of it’s own soft starter. This specific configuration has been chosen to limit the starting current and to ensure a high level of redundancy. By means of the hydraulic circuits, the operator can choose for each pump separately, the ‘jack’ or the ‘aux’ system, which guarantees a flexible and highly reliable configuration.

Electromach had to build a motor control unit suitable for 4 electro motors and it had to fit in the front end of a standard size container, which has a width of only 2 meters! Also the available height was limited. Together with the Hycos engineers, we managed to realise a reliable design which met all desired specifications.

In addition, the motor control unit in the container had to withstand extreme movements. One of the requirements was that the container had to be suitable for lifting vertically, with the door to the ground. In this way the container could be lowered into a narrow opening on the platform.


'Exd' solution, CUBEx

Using the flameproof ‘Exd’ CUBEx enclosures in combination with Electromach Stainless Steel series of BE enclosures, it was possible to create a compact control unit. One of the biggest advantages of the CUBEx enclosures are the straight sides, which makes it possible to mount the enclosures as close as 20mm apart (and they are also certified!).

Due to the limited space, the cable entries are mounted on the rear of the panel. The 4 soft starters, including the PLC, are mounted in 4 separate Exd CUBEx enclosures.

De container meets the Norsok Z-015 directive and the motor control unit is ATEX certified, Ex II 2G Exde [ia] IIB T4

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