Motor control unit for Hydraulic Power Unit

In reference to the container solution that Electromach has designed for the company Balance Point Control (BPC): Electromach received the order to build a motor control unit for an Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) in cooperation with the company Hycos (Hydraulics and Control Systems).

Hycos is specialised in designing and constructing turnkey hydraulic drive systems for the Marine and Offshore Industry, including the hardware and software for the associated control system. In consultation with the end user, BPC, it has been decided to outsource the construction of the complete motor control unit to Electromach.

The Hydraulic Power Unit has been fully designed and equipped by the company Hycos. The HPU will be used for a new rig assist ‘snubbing unit’, a project from the company BPC, for which Electromach has already designed a container solution for earlier this year.
(Please see the article: Containerized control unit for Rig Assist Snubbing Unit in our February issue of our newsletter)

For the End customer this was also the reason why they asked Electromach to cooperate with Hycos in this project.


Central Battery System (WFZB)

Do you have multiple emergency lighting fixtures in your factory? R.STAHL has the solution for you! A central battery system, for an efficient en cost-effective maintenance programme. The central battery system (series WFZB) is already profitable, using more than 12 lighting fixtures. This is a great way to simplify your maintenance activities significantly and save on your maintenance costs.

The central battery system (series WFZB) prevents a maintenance engineer checking all lighting fixtures individually every 2 years to replace the battery. R.STAHL’s solution with the central battery system is easy accessible for the maintenance engineer, as all batteries are installed in one cabinet. Batteries can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. More than 600 lighting points can be maintained and programmed from one location.



R.STAHL Condensed Catalogue 2013

The R.STAHL 2013 catalogue is available now. A summary of R.STAHLs’ product range is combined into one catalogue.

If you have not received a copy yet, please order it now!


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Explosion proof compound cable gland with pouring liquid and a fast curing and liquid resin seal

For some years now, Electromach is the official representative of CMP Products in the Benelux. Universal cable glands for armoured cable, cable glands with compound and the so-called barrier glands, are the most popular models.

Some time ago a new model was added to the product range, the ‘Rapid-Ex’ cable gland. The Rapid-Ex explosion proof cable gland has a fast pouring liquid, which only takes a few minutes to cure.

It’s all in the name: Rapid!


Basics of explosion protection

What about your knowledge on explosion protection?

Are you aware of all standards, zones and temperature classes or the grading in gas groups?

To help you become the ‘Expert’ within your own company, Electromach has published a brochure ‘Basics of explosion protection’.

In this brochure (written in English) all basic principles on explosion protection are detailed.
If you have not yet received a copy, please order it now!

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Compact lighting as escape indicator, staircases and cabinet lighting

Zone 2, 21 and 22

The 6590 series LED lighting from R.STAHL is ideal for escape indicators, stairwells, warehouse racks and cabinet lightings or any other application where a compact lighting is desired. The LED lighting is only 90x40mm and therefore ideal for hard to reach difficult areas. Due to the flat cable the lighting is flexible to install and the long life of the LED lighting ensures low maintenance costs.


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