Obsturction / Aviation lights

Electromach can supply a complete range of marking lighting from 10 cd up to 20.000 cd for both day and night identification (manufactured by Pfannenberg).

POL 32 / POL 10
POL 170W-R / POL 2.000R
POL 20.000

LED obstacle lights POL 32, POL 10

POL 32

  • Omni-directional light with a radiation angle of 360┬░ for operation at night and at dusk (night marking of aviation obstacles)
  • integrated function monitoring with potential-free fault contact
  • extremely long service life of over 50,000 hrs, hence maintenance-free

POL 10

  • 2 in 1: optional completely redundant construction of LED, electronics and power supply in one housing. A 2nd light is therefore not necessary.
  • switch to standby light in case of error automatically or by means of external control system

LED hazardous beacons POL 170W-R, POL 2.000R, POL 20.000

LED hazard beacons for night identification of aviation obstructions such as wind energy turbines and high buildings/structures.

    • dimmable light intensity depending upon the visual range
    • integrated degradation and function monitoring of the LEDs
    • integrated lightning protection
    • passive cooling; no wearing parts requiring maintenance
    • extreme vibration resistance due to LED technology
    • integrated GPS for synchronization of several lights
    • sea-water resistant housing material extremely long useful life of more than 20 years (depending upon ambient temperature)
    • integrated twilight switch for switching between day/night operation
    • integrated data logger for visibility adjustment

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