Ventilated Container Solutions (Explosionproof)

Transportable Ventilated Containers (TVCs) are also known as Remote Instrument Buildings (RIB). Or other well known descriptions are: Analyser House, Equipment Shelter, Field Auxilliary Room (FAR), Instrument Housing or Substation for Ex area.

An engineering concept ingrained in our organization. After 50 years of experience in dealing with equipment placed in hazardous environments, we discovered that the purpose and the function of the Transportable Ventilated Container/Remote Instrument Building is more important than the shape of the unit.

This philosophy has helped us to become a major supplier in ATEX and IECEx solutions.

Sensitive instruments will be placed in the container. The function of these units are critical in securing the quality of the production process of our customers. Moreover, an incident is not allowed to escalate into a catastrophe. It is therefore understood that we will not compromise on the safety or quality of our container solution. We do not only believe in the current trend of increasing safety standards in the industry, we endorse them.

We build accordance to the ATEX and IECEx and NEC guidelines.

Our philosophy is to be your partner in the functional design of your equipment. These units are constructed in our state of the art factory located in Hengelo.

Units are fully tested on functionality and explosion protection because we believe in plug and play solutions which our customer can install in accordance to all the necessary certification requirements. Aside from assuring compliance with the necessary guidelines, it also will drastically reduce the cost of installation at the production facility.

These units are engineered to reduce the cost of ownership, and allow for an ergonomically designed workspace and energy efficient design. Our units will comply to one of the following criteria: 

  • TVC-ev, positive pressure differential for environmental protection
  • TVC-op, positive pressure differential to maintain a safe operation environment 

Pressurization by means of ventilation is executed with integrated explosion proof modular range of standardized HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Most of our units will comply to the following criteria:

  • A containerized explosion protected stand alone electrical system
  • Transportable, for temporary and permanent use
  • Containers for non-human occupation under normal operation circumstances
  • Containers for human occupation under normal operation circumstances
  • Possible functional contents: Control system, Power distribution, office, workshop, operator room, (wireless) communications, emergency power, alarming system, camera system, others
  • Integrated power conversions for remote applications
  • Possible electrical contents: Electrical panels including DCS, PLC, ESD, MCC, Battery, Transformer, VSD, Ex-Battery Box, PC, PA, others
  • Diagnostic interface based on GSM/GPRS or Fieldbus
  • Suitable for installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • ATEX rating Gas IIB T4
  • NEC, GOST, others
  • Ambient temperature -50 to +50 ┬░C (project dependent)

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